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On December 9th, 2021, PRC-Saltillo released version 2.34 updates to its three AAC industry-leading iOS Apps: TouchChat®, LAMP Words for Life®, and Dialogue® AAC.

Included in the 2.34 release are many exciting software features, as well as brand new Inclusive Voices by Almagu. These voices vary in age and background, and PRC-Saltillo is proud to be the first to offer this full range of voices in AAC.

New features for ALL 3 Apps (TouchChat, LAMP Words for Life, and Dialogue)

  • Change pronunciations on individual buttons – great for programming names that are spelled the same but sound different!
  • Select from more than 20 Inclusive Voices by Almagu as standard voice options.
  • Extended "Release Time" to the speech display bar.
  • Dropbox compatibility is updated, allowing you to easily share and save files.

Additional New Features for TouchChat®

  • Change skin tone on individual buttons! Now you can assign ALL buttons the same skin tone, randomize skin tones or change skin tones on individual buttons.
  • Head tracking now includes a rest area so you can move your head without selecting buttons.
  • A new button action to “center head tracking” so you can add this feature where it makes sense for the user.
  • New TouchChat HD Lite pricing options (see below).

Additional New Features for LAMP WFL

  • Added "after next activation" to the auto clear setting.
  • Page size option removed when creating/editing a page to ensure that 84 buttons remains consistent.

Additional New Features for Dialogue® AAC

  • Head tracking now includes a rest area so you can move your head without selecting buttons.
  • A new button action to “center head tracking” so you can add this feature where it makes sense for the user.

TouchChat HD Lite

As of the 2.34 update on December 9th, TouchChat HD Lite is free in the Apple App Store! New users can enable the “Lite” functionality with an in-app purchase of $9.99.

The Lite functionality allows for the user interface experience but does not include speech synthesis or any type of audio playback capabilities. It’s a great way to try out the vocabularies before you buy the full app.

Customers upgrading from an existing TouchChat HD Lite installation to this version should be able to continue using their app as usual and will not need to make an in-app purchase.

Learn more about TouchChat HD Lite

More changes to this app, including a new name and increased functionality, are coming in 2022, so stay tuned!

FREE! Inclusive Voices by Almagu and customized voices through The Voice Keeper™

Make Your Voice Your Own

New and exclusive from PRC-Saltillo: Choose from a selection of inclusive voices from Almagu or create your own voice with The Voice Keeper.

Almagu, an international developer of text-to-speech technology, has teamed up with PRC-Saltillo to bring an array of powerful voice options to AAC communicators.

As part of PRC-Saltillo’s commitment to including all ethnicities, genders, and ages in our products, the two are proud to offer two great options in every* PRC-Saltillo app – at no additional cost! (*except TouchChat HD Lite)

  • Choose your voice from a synthetic voice collection of ethnicities, genders and ages
    • Includes Australian, UK and US English (Spanish coming soon!)
    • Includes Child, Teen, Adult and Elder voices
    • Includes African-American, Caucasian and Spanish American dialects
  • Create your own unique voice through the Voice Keeper
    • VoiceKeeper is a leading solution for those wanting to preserve their own voice or who want to record and use the voice of a family member or friend and use it as their own


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