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PRC-Saltillo is a worldwide developer of speech-generating devices (SGDs), market-leading apps and several innovative AAC language systems that enable individuals with complex communication disorders the ability to express themselves.

Established in 1966 by Ed Prentke and Barry Romich as the Prentke Romich Company, the company formally merged in 2019 with sister company Saltillo. Founded in 1998, Saltillo was the brainchild of current PRC-Saltillo President & CEO Dave Hershberger, then Director of Research & Development at PRC.

Today PRC-Saltillo’s AAC solutions enable children and adults worldwide to achieve spontaneous, independent, and interactive communication regardless of their disability, literacy level or motor skills.

With several of the most effective and intuitive AAC solutions through unmatched training and personalized support, formerly nonverbal children, teens and adults the world over are developing language skills for a lifetime of communication.

PRC-Saltillo employees group photo

A Leader in AAC

Located in Wooster, Ohio, PRC-Saltillo is a member of a group of companies that are pioneers in the field of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices and language vocabularies.

This group includes:

These companies bring a broad range of products and services to provide the most comprehensive line of AAC devices in the industry.

What Sets Us Apart

What makes PRC-Saltillo so unique and well-qualified to guide you as you help those in need of AAC?

  • Unique, proprietary and world-renowned AAC language systems.

  • Unmatched and unwavering support and guidance for clinicians, parents and AAC communicators to learn, grow, and thrive with that system.

  • Our international network of expert consultants who are licensed and certified speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and special educators. Providing unsurpassed guidance, our consultants help schools, hospitals/clinics, centers and parents to select, learn and optimize the right AAC device, language/vocabulary and accessories for a lifetime of client success.

  • Industry-leading training, implementation, service and support.

These values have been our mainstay for 50 years…and counting.

Learn more about our history of innovation and helping others.

Over 50 Years of Serving Others

Begun in 1966, we've grown from offering a typing system based on a discarded Teletype machine to developing sophisticated speech-generating devices (SGDs). These SGDs utilize a variety of vocabulary, or language systems, selected based upon the client’s needs and accessed, depending upon the client's capabilities, via:

  • Head tracking devices

  • Eye tracking systems

  • A series of switches

The company also developed and distributes TouchChat® and LAMP Words for Life® – two of AAC's most popular iOS apps in addition to the new Via™ Pro with your choice of our apps on a powerful iOS device.

Today PRC-Saltillo remains an employee-owned company and a leader in the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) market.


It's one thing to talk about our achievements. It's even better to let others talk about the impact we've had in their lives. See what people are saying about PRC-Saltillo on the testimonials page.

PRC-Saltillo employees group photo