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The PRC-Saltillo name is in recognition of the company’s two widely respected brands, PRC and Saltillo, leaders in the field of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). PRC-Saltillo is a 100 percent employee-owned company headquartered in Wooster, OH.

PRC-Saltillo offers two great brands to meet your AAC needs.
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About the PRC Brand
PRC is a global leader in the development of AAC solutions, including augmentative communication devices and other assistive technology products and support services for people with speech disorders. PRC pioneered the use of technology over 50 years ago to bring speech and language capabilities to adults and children with disabilities. Since then, its AAC solutions have enabled children and adults worldwide to achieve spontaneous, independent, and interactive communication regardless of their disability, literacy level or motor skills.

About the Saltillo Brand
Saltillo is dedicated to making personal communication possible to individuals who are unable to use their natural voices, allowing them to participate in – and enjoy – life to the fullest. From its humble beginnings in Millersburg, Ohio over 22 years ago, Saltillo continues to change lives one voice at a time. With some of the most effective and intuitive AAC solutions and support available anywhere, children, teens and adults the world over are developing language skills for a lifetime of communication.

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