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Consultant Map

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Other Countries

Australia / New Zealand

Liberator Pty. Ltd., A PRC-Saltillo Company
+61 (0) 8 8211 7766


Liberator Communications Canada, A PRC-Saltillo Company
+1 (800) 944-6564


Prentke Romich Deutschland (PRD), A PRC-Saltillo Company
+49 (0) 561.78559.0

United Kingdom / Ireland / Malta

Liberator Ltd., A PRC-Saltillo Company
+44 1733 370470


My Country Isn't Listed

Liberator Ltd., A PRC-Saltillo Company
+44 1733 370470

How Your PRC-Saltillo Consultant Can Help You

Consultants are experienced Speech language pathologists (SLP), Special educators, Occupational therapists and other rehabilitation professionals who provide support and training before, during and after the communication device is delivered.


  • Determining which a PRC-Saltillo device, access method, language (vocabulary file) is appropriate for the individual
  • Providing onsite product demonstrations


  • Supporting the acquisition of trial and/or evaluation equipment
  • Answering questions and guiding the team in gathering necessary documentation


  • Providing device customization and programming guidance
  • Assisting with effective implementation strategies for client success

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