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You’ve heard about VersaEye™. You love all things Apple®. You’re impressed that it’s built with the MFi-certified Hiru™ eye tracker and you know your iPad® is compatible. Now you wonder if it’s the right assistive technology for you. Let’s consider your next move.

What’s your craving for more independence?

VersaEye is designed for individuals who want to access their world on their own. Are you ready to expand your technology knowing the reward will be great? VersaEye offers eye tracking for iPadOS and it’s accessible with any apps. Whatever your iPad can do, you can do. Get ready for more independence, more info acquisition, more communication, more participation in your life!

What do you want assistive technology to do for you?

Are you looking to have multiple devices in your home? Or are you ready for technology that provides all-in-one benefits? Consider all the ways you can rule your world with VersaEye connecting to your iPad.

  • Communicate – use AAC, send a text, phone a friend
  • Engage digitally – web browsing, social media
  • Be more social – order an Uber or have food delivered
  • Enjoy your hobbies – listen to music, play video games, take pictures and edit them
  • Control your home environment – turn on lights/switches, lock the door, turn up the thermostat

What’s your experience with eye tracking?

VersaEye is simple enough for those who are new to eye tracking. It’s also sophisticated enough to give you a comfortable, high-performing user experience. This user-friendly assistive technology is geared toward teens and adults, but it’s flexible for any age and ability.

Are you curious about support for the VersaEye? Or user-guide level details?

Achieving success with assistive technology is a process. To help you get started, we’ve created a series of short support articles for VersaEye on the new Versa page. Scroll to the support section at the bottom of the page and find information on topics like calibration, AssistiveTouch, troubleshooting, and more. Plus, that user guide!

Are you ready to give VersaEye a test run?

VersaEye product loans are available for a shorter time than our extended speech-generating device trial for insurance. Consider a time in your schedule when you can focus on new technology. Learn more and request your VersaEye loan through our Versa team at

VersaEye is ready for you!

VersaEye is assistive technology that’s ready for you without going through the funding process. Purchase yours today and it will arrive at your home within 30 days.