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Digital accessibility with eye tracking for iPadOS is here! Introducing VersaEye with Hiru™ by IRISBOND™! Home, work, school, and play, it’s time to access your world! 

How does eye tracking for iPadOS work?

With VersaEye connected to your iPad®, your eyes act as a cursor to move around and interact with elements on the screen. Calibrate your eyes with the device and you’re ready to open any app. Eye tracking works with all apps because VersaEye, built with an MFi-certified Hiru, is integrated with your iPad’s operating system. You can search for any topic in a web browser. Add social plans to your digital calendar. Take a photo. Purchase concert tickets or a new pair of shoes. The choice is yours! 

What can VersaEye assistive technology do for you?

VersaEye lets you do what matters to you in all your spaces (indoors and out).  

  • Control smart home accessories through the iOS Home app  
  • Respond to work emails, prepare documents, and collaborate in meetings 
  • Join students and teachers in conversations and complete school assignments on time 
  • Play online games, connect on social, or stream your favorite media 

Getting started with VersaEye

VersaEye comes fully assembled—place your iPad (sold separately) in the wrap and plug in the USB-C cable. In the box, you’ll find info to get started along with access to further eLearning. Use your VersaEye with the attached flexible stand or add the included mount plate for further versatility of stable positioning and viewing angles.

Visit our eStore to learn more about VersaEye’s features, mounting options, and iPad compatibility. VersaEye is available now—purchase yours today! Looking to purchase VersaEye for your school district? Contact for a quote. 

 Learn more about all Versa™ products. 

PRC-Saltillo and IRISBOND

PRC-Saltillo is a leader in AAC solutions and vocabularies that help individuals worldwide achieve spontaneous, independent, and interactive communication regardless of disability, literacy level, or motor skills. With more than 50 years of experience serving the assistive technology community with AAC products, we’re excited to partner with IRISBOND to revolutionize the eye tracking experience for eye gaze users. 

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