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Woman laughing with friends while using an AAC device

Message banking

PRC-Saltillo's message banking is a free web-based service that allows someone to easily record unique messages and use them for communication in Accent® NuVoice®, Accent Empower®, or Dialogue® AAC on Via® devices or your own iOS device. First record, then download messages and import them into your Accent or iOS device for button activation within your vocabulary file.

What is message banking?

Message banking involves recording and preserving one's own words, phrases, and sentences using natural speech. These recorded messages are stored or "banked" on your speech-generating device or app for use when you face difficulties speaking your own voice. This technique allows you to retain your authentic intonation and convey your personality.

Why message banking from PRC-Saltillo

Message banking from PRC-Saltillo is fast, flexible and free to use. It's simple:

  1. Log in with your secure PRC-Saltillo account here
  2. Record a handful or a hundred messages
  3. Download messages
  4. Import into your Accent or iOS devices for communication

*Visit our quick reference guide for assistance. For additional support, connect with your local PRC-Saltillo consultant.

Voice banking

Voice banking is a process by which large amounts of an individual’s spoken speech is recorded and then uploaded into a special program which creates a synthesized voice replica of their own speaking voice. The synthesized voice replica can later be uploaded into many speech-generating devices.

PRC-Saltillo offers cutting-edge voice personalization software through VoiceKeeper™. The Voice Keeper synthesizes a voice created by you or by others, to create a unique voice, unlike any other in as little as ten minutes! Plus, they offer coaching support for kids who want to make or donate a voice. Click here for a full list of voice banking options that can be integrated into PRC-Saltillo devices and apps.