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An issue has been identified that is preventing Empower software from loading on Accent devices. Read more for detailed instructions for how to fix your device. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Update your Chat Software to version 2.45 and access new features and vocabulary! Let’s go! To update your NovaChat® device, start by connecting to WiFi. Then go to Menu > Help > Check for Updates and follow the prompts. 

Computer controls vocab pages now available for the new InputStick 

In the previous Chat Software release, you learned about the new wireless InputStick bringing computer controls to NovaChat communicators. Now it’s time to explore the new vocabulary pages that activate computer controls! With the 2.45 release, these new button-action pages are available in WordPower® 60 Basic. Don’t worry—more computer-controls pages are in development for WordPower 60 and above.  

InputStick connects your NovaChat to your choice of Windows®-based PC, Mac®, or Chromebook™ so you can use your AAC vocabulary as a keyboard. In WordPower 60 Basic, you’ll find pages to match each of those computer types. Launch the COMPUTER CONTROLS pages through the ABC_123 spelling button.  

Check out the screenshots below to familiarize yourself with how to locate these new button commands set up to navigate your computer without a mouse. Shout out to the WordPower team at Inman Innovations for their attention to detail on all the button options for you to succeed with computer controls without using a mouse. 

Here's the button-action path to the COMPUTER CONTROLS section. 

The screenshot below shows your computer options for corresponding keyboard commands. Select the appropriate computer option (Windows-based PC, Mac, or Chromebook).

The screenshot below features some of the keyboard command buttons available for Chromebook users. Because Ctrl-S is the command to save a file, the save button is located on the S key of the Qwerty keyboard. Similar pages are available for Windows and Apple computers. 

Quick Tip: Check that keyboard shortcuts are turned on in Gmail or any other computer program so that it understands and responds correctly to the computer controls commands buttons in your WordPower vocabulary file. 

The InputStick is an affordable accessory ($38) that’s compatible with all NovaChat devices with Android™ 4.4 and newer. Pack the small USB into a backpack and bring it back and forth between home and school or purchase one for each location. Visit the eStore to learn more. 

Watch the video to see computer controls vocab pages in action. 

For more information about importing new vocab pages to your customized vocab file, watch this video. 

Vocabulary updates for WordPower files 

All WordPower files 

The SOCIAL category includes a new button for the word “boring” as an option to the “My day/weekend was…” button. Hopefully your learners have good days most of the time, but now they can let you know they are bored and ready for some fun! 

All English WordPower files 

Logical next words have been added to the verb “wash” so you can more easily share what you are washing whether it be dishes, clothes, car, hands, hair, face, and/or feet. 

WordPower 60 Basic files 

Explore the new COMPUTER CONTROL pages accessible through the “ABC_123” spelling page. 

Buttons have also been added to WordPower 60 Basic to give AAC users a way to talk about the health and safety of their bodies. Remember that pages and buttons may be edited depending on your specific communicator's needs. 


WordPower 80 files 

The READING category now features a STORY CONCEPTS category. Use the buttons on this page to talk about subjects related to stories such as the author, favorite characters, and special features like title and table of contents. 

WordPower 80 Picture Communication Symbols® (PCS) file 

The “Shift” button on the main page now functions correctly. 


Additional improvements for Chat Software 2.45 

Additional updates for the latest Chat Software update including improvements to the WordFinder feature with more changes in development. 

WordPower language system is the most popular option for NovaChat communicators. Visit AAC Learning Journey (your go-to resource for AAC support and implementation) to review classes like this one to continue growing your knowledge of this significant vocabulary. 

Learn more about computer controls in this special WordPower session with Nancy Inman and Lisa Timm at ATIA 2024. The presentation, Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Supporting communication with bilingual AAC vocabularies, takes place on Thursday, January 25 at 4:30pm. View the session directory. 

Software Updates