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An issue has been identified that is preventing Empower software from loading on Accent devices. Read more for detailed instructions for how to fix your device. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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We’re incredibly proud of the communication apps that PRC-Saltillo develops! TouchChat®, LAMP Words for Life®, and Dialogue® AAC are three of the most popular AAC apps in the industry. In fact, Saltillo was the first AAC device manufacturer to recognize the value of apps in the AAC industry back in 2010 with the release of TouchChat.

The distribution of communication apps is different from that of a medical AAC device. When we first began developing apps, PRC-Saltillo licensed them for use to individuals who purchase directly on the App Store. As the popularity of the apps grew, we developed our own line of iOS devices that met medical-industry standards; in time, other companies also began using PRC-Saltillo apps on their devices.  

As the creators of these world-renowned apps, PRC-Saltillo is uniquely qualified to provide unmatched support and guidance to the clinicians, parents and AAC communicators who are learning and growing with our devices. Although we would love everyone to be successful with a Via device from PRC-Saltillo, we also know that it may not be the best fit for every AAC communicator - choices are important! This prompted us to launch an Authorized App Reseller program in 2021.

What is the Authorized App Reseller Program?

The Authorized App Reseller Program program ensures that resellers of our communication apps on medical speech generating devices provide the high-quality clinical support and training that is expected with durable medical equipment and maintain compliance with required manufacturing and medical standards.

 Who are the PRC-Saltillo Authorized App Resellers?

Talk to Me Technologies and Forbes AAC are U.S.-based companies that are authorized to resell PRC-Saltillo apps on their medical AAC devices and maintain compliance with our App End User License Agreement. If an AAC company is not an authorized app reseller it may be because they have not expressed interest or because they were not able to meet the requirements. Therefore, if a company is reselling a medical AAC device, downloading a PRC-Saltillo app as part of that device, and is not an authorized app reseller, that company is violating the terms of the End User License Agreement.

 For more information, please visit PRC-Saltillo Authorized App Reseller. 

 Looking for a Via® Pro or Via Mini AAC device from PRC-Saltillo? Contact your consultant!

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