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Our websites will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on July 30th from 8:00 PM to 11:00PM Eastern Time. During this period, services will be unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

An issue has been identified that is preventing Empower software from loading on Accent devices. Read more for detailed instructions for how to fix your device. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Check out the latest news for TouchChat®, LAMP Words for Life®, and Dialogue® AAC with update version 2.49. To access new app features, make sure your device is operating with iOS version 15.0 or later.

Removing iOS 14 Support

Starting with version 2.49, PRC-Saltillo will no longer provide support for apps on iOS 14. You are strongly encouraged to update your iPhone® or iPad® to iOS 15 or later, ideally the latest version, to access all the updates and features your AAC app has to offer.

  • Current users who are unable to update to iOS 15 may continue using their app at version 2.48
  • New users will not be able to purchase our three AAC apps on a device running less than iOS 15

If you have any questions, please contact

Removing Ivona Voices from LAMP Words for Life

With update 2.49, Ivona voices are being removed from the LAMP Words for Life app. These voices are not compatible with Apple’s operating system and technical support is extremely limited.

Your voice is an important part of your AAC solution and we did not want you experiencing a poor-quality voice or having it go away unexpectedly. Notifications of this change began in February 2024 to give you time to thoughtfully choose your next app voice option.

There are many voices available to you at no charge within the LAMP Words for Life app. You may discover a voice like your current choice, or you may decide to start fresh with a different voice style. Explore your free standard and custom voice options.

New AAC Vocabulary for TouchChat with WordPower

The WordPower team makes updates to benefit your communication experience. Note these vocabulary updates within TouchChat.

WordPower 80, 60 Basic and 42 Basic files

The QUESTIONS page has two new word options.

  • A button for the word “else” now appears after all question words such as what and who
  • “Far” is now a logical next word after “how”

Button for the word

Far button next to the word after how button

WordPower 60 Basic

To help communicate a frequent need, a button for “to the bathroom” is now a logical next word following “go” on the WordPower 60 main page.

bathroom button following the go button

You may notice word completion is revised on the prepositions on the WordPower 60 main page (in, out, up, down, with) to make the simple beginning prepositions cleaner and easier to use. The image below features the button choices available after selecting the word “in” with update 2.49.

WordPower 60 Basic Screen After

WordPower 60

“Far” is now a logical next word after the QUESTION word “how.”

Far button following the Question word how

WordPower 60 Buttons

All WordPower files that include the “Write to Apps” feature

The WRITING TO APPS button label changed to LAUNCH APPS-WRITE to APPS to better explain the button action.

Launch Apps - Write to Apps Button on WordPower

Within the LAUNCH APPS-WRITE to APPS page, SymbolStix buttons for Twitter > X and Messenger are updated with their new logos.

WordPower Twitter Button Updated to New X Logo

WordPower Button With Updated Messenger Logo

All English WP files

The adjective “special” is now available within the DESCRIBE A-Z pages.

WordPower Special Button Located Within Describe A-Z

All WordPower files

The COUNTRIES categories now feature an expanded collection of countries around the world. Please customize this category even further to meet the needs of your learners and community.

WordPower Expanded Country Collection Buttons

All WordPower files

The “Save message” feature is now available on the PHOTOS pages so you can capture words from the speech display bar to a button to share specific information about your images.

WordPower Save Message Available in Photos Page

WordPower 60 Basic, 42 Basic, 60 Espanol Basico, WordPower60 francais

The EMOJIS on the “I feel” page provide a simple way to express emotions. They are set up with the flexibility to turn them off if you choose.

WordPower Emojis for I Feel Page

Rock on with Summer Learning for Families

Each summer, PRC-Saltillo’s training and implementation team creates an interactive, at-your-own-pace four-week lesson plans, called the AAC Language Lab Summer Camp. It’s summertime fun to rock on with AAC no matter your AAC solution. You’ll find activities to do indoors and out. Plus, parents and caregivers can learn more through the AAC for Families Summer Webinar Series that ties into the camp activities. We hope this summer is overflowing with core words and language development!

Software Updates