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An issue has been identified that is preventing Empower software from loading on Accent devices. Read more for detailed instructions for how to fix your device. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Hey, TouchChat Community! We’ve got a software update for you. Please update to version 2.47.1 to enjoy the full functionality of our recent software release. Don’t miss out on the best of your AAC app!

Check out the newest features for TouchChat®, LAMP Words for Life®, and Dialogue® AAC when you update your iOS apps to version 2.47. And remember, your overall app experience improves with updates too. Go to the settings menu and select update today!

LAMP Words for Life is now accessible on iPhone®

Making the LAMP Words for Life app compatible with iPhone creates more opportunities for communication partners to learn and model this robust language system. It may also benefit teens and young adults who are experienced with the app and looking for a more portable option. With the 84-button layout, the smaller screen size won’t work well for everyone. LAMP WFL on an iPad® will continue to be recommended for new learners and individuals who use head tracking. Setting up your communicator for success is most important!

Consider scenarios for using LAMP WFL on a tablet versus a phone and review hardware requirements.

New Vocabulary Builder™ Option in LAMP Words for Life

The Vocabulary Builder tool within LAMP Words for Life increases successful button activation by reducing the number of words shown and choosing words of immediate interest to your communicator. The display is simplified, and distractions are removed, but the target words are in the same location so that motor patterns learned remain consistent over time.

With update 2.47, you’ll now see a pre-made Vocab Builder list called Transition, and based off LAMP WFL’s Transition vocabulary, to use with your beginning communicators. With this list, you can work on core words and favorite things such as foods, drinks, and people. Working with this list will help prepare your learner with motor plans and button sequences found in LAMP WFL Full.

Word Finder improvements within TouchChat

New words are added regularly to WordPower® and other files for your benefit. Words can often be found in more than one pathway. To locate words for modeling, look them up in the Word Finder feature which recently received a refresh and discover button-action pathways. Access Word Finder through a button action programmed in the WordPower keyboard pages (also known as the ABC_123 page). Try it out today!

News for App Voices

This update features new voices and voice performance updates across all three apps. Explore 19 new voices in a variety of ages and languages from Acapela. Experience increased quality from Almagu’s 30+ inclusive voice options.

If you are a LAMP WFL communicator using an Ivona voice, you’ll receive a pop-up notice within your app regarding changes to your voice selection due to Apple® compatibility. Learn more about the change taking place later this year.

Classic TouchChat retirement reminder

Our CLASSIC TouchChat apps (Classic TouchChat with WordPower, Classic TouchChat, and Classic TouchChat Lite) will be retired in early May 2024. View the list of frequently asked questions to learn more.

New AAC vocabulary for TouchChat with WordPower

Make note of these vocabulary updates within TouchChat.

WordPower 42 Basic

“The book” has been added as a logical next word to the verb “open.”

Screenshot of WordPower 42 Basic

WordPower 60 Basic

A button for “like” has been added to the “I feel” page so you can more easily say “I feel like.”

WordPower 60 Basic Screenshot

A button for “the book” has been added to follow the verb open.

Screenshot of Book Verb Button

English WordPower 42 thru 140

TouchChat communicators can now talk about specific cookies, pies, and cakes as these new buttons have been added to the DESSERT page. Yum!

AAC Coaching Corner is expanding again!

Become a better communication partner for your loved one with AAC Custom Coaching. Your personalized session is packed with fun engagement through a combination of live, online discussions, implementation practice, and self-paced, eLearning courses. Set goals with clear direction and resources to reach them that include your family’s interests. Learn tips and strategies applicable to any AAC device or vocabulary. With the support of your coach and team, you’ll quickly become an AAC rock star!

Software Updates