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An issue has been identified that is preventing Empower software from loading on Accent devices. Read more for detailed instructions for how to fix your device. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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It’s time to update your iOS AAC apps to version 2.45 so you can experience all that’s new with TouchChat®, LAMP Words for Life®, and Dialogue® AAC!  

New features for all AAC iOS apps 

Your highest communication is our priority! Improvements in menus and other display features allow for greater responsiveness with Apple®’s user interface. You'll now have a more consistent experience when using iOS Accessibility settings to modify your menus for your visual needs. Plus, several behind-the-scenes updates ensure that you can safely use your AAC apps with iOS/iPadOS 17.  

LAMP Words for Life app now available in Canadian French 

LAMP Words for Life is now available in bilingual Canadian French/English! Options for this research-based language system include 1-Hit and Full vocab files giving learners a pathway to grow their words over time. The Acapela Canadian French voice bundle includes six high quality voice options for $11.99. Follow these links to help you get started 

Learn more about Canadian French LAMP Words for Life and make your purchase through the App Store® today. 

TouchChat news

Hopefully you’ve heard that new curriculum supports are available for Unique Learning System (ULS) and News-2-You (n2Y). Access these free materials through the AAC Language Lab. Check them out today if you haven’t already! Theme-based downloadable content has been removed. However, you may continue to use any previously downloaded pages. 

 PRC-Saltillo’s three CLASSIC TouchChat iOS apps (Classic TouchChat with WordPower®, Classic TouchChat, and Classic TouchChat Lite) will be retired in early May 2024. These three original apps were released more than a decade ago for the technology available at that time. If you frequently use one of our Classic TouchChat apps, learn more about your options here. 

New for WordPower® vocabulary

All WordPower files 

The SOCIAL category includes a new button for the word “boring” as an option to the “My day/weekend was…” button. Hopefully your learners have good days most of the time, but now they can let you know they are bored and ready for some fun! 

All WordPower 2.45 Screenshot

All English WordPower files 

Logical next words have been added to the verb “wash” so you can more easily share what you are washing whether it be dishes, clothes, car, hands, hair, face, and/or feet. 

English WordPower 245 Screenshot

WordPower 80 files 

The READING category now features a STORY CONCEPTS category. Use the buttons on this page to talk about subjects related to stories such as the author, favorite characters, and special features like title and table of contents. 

WordPower 80 245 Screenshot

WordPower 80 Picture Communication Symbols® (PCS) file 

The “Shift” button on the main page now functions correctly. 

Upgrade your app experience

Take your app experience to the next level with Versa™ iPad® accessories! Visit the PRC-Saltillo eStore today to view protective wraps in three sizes, Bluetooth® speaker, and convenient carrying strap.

Software Updates