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An issue has been identified that is preventing Empower software from loading on Accent devices. Read more for detailed instructions for how to fix your device. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Our iOS speech-generating device family grew by one this past year. Get to know the Via® Mini by the numbers for insight into this durable, portable, and dare-we-say adorable device.  

One port 

Just one charger for device and amp is all you need to power up your Via Mini for a day of active communication. 

One strap & one carry case 

Funded Via Mini devices are shipped with a strap and carrying case so you can keep your device close for all your communication needs. 

Less than two pounds 

Via Mini devices weigh only 1.8 pounds including the battery. This lightweight AAC device is ready to go wherever you go! 

Second iOS Via device 

Like Via Pro and previously the PRiO® and TouchChat devices, the Via Mini utilizes the iOS platform. With numerous upgrades, Via Mini is a next-generation iOS device for high-quality communication. 

Three app options 

Via Mini comes pre-loaded with your choice of three industry-leading, research-based AAC apps (LAMP Words for Life®, TouchChat®, or Dialogue®) to provide a just-right fit for any AAC communicator.  

Three access methods 

Via Mini is designed for a variety of access methods including scanning through wired and wireless switches, direct touch (customizable Keyguard and TouchGuide options are available), and head tracking. New this year, head tracking is now available in all three PRC-Saltillo AAC apps. Learn more. 

Five wrap colors 

Blue, green, purple, pink, and black color options are available for your Via Mini’s shock-absorbing wrap. Choose your favorite color or order two as the wraps are easy to change.  

Five years of coverage 

The Via Mini is protected by the High Five Warranty—that’s five years of coverage to keep you communicating with your device. 

Eight-inch screen 

That’s 8.3 inches to be exact—a compact size for your on-the-go lifestyle yet big enough for button activation on WordPower® 60 vocabulary or the 84-button layout of LAMP Words for Life. 

10-12 hours 

Whether you have a lot or a little to say, your battery will keep up. It’s designed to last 10-12 hours before needing a charge. That’s a school day, a workday, or a fun day of play. 

Here are two more new features added this year for Via Mini communicators: 

  • Moveable cursor – move the cursor anywhere in the speech-display bar to make changes when a mishit occurs rather than deleting everything in the display and starting over 
  • Pause-and-resume button – there’s a new button available to pause head tracking when you want to take a break; use the same button to resume head tracking when you’re ready to continue 

Via Mini is available as fundable medical equipment for a variety of complex communication needs (E2510). Visit AAC Funding 101 to learn more about the insurance funding process. 

Your PRC-Saltillo consultant is just a phone call or email away, ready to answer your questions about the Via Mini, the larger Via Pro, or your other speech-generating device options. Find your local consultant today.