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Whether you’re considering a speech-generating device (SGD) for the first time, or looking for your next model, these fun facts about the newest generation NovaChat® 8 will spark your curiosity to learn more.

Ready to go

NovaChat 8 comes with a removable carrying strap for your comfort and portability. Keeping your device nearby increases participation and the fun of spontaneous conversation.

Hold tight

The newly designed wrap features easy-grip side handles for holding and positioning the device when you use it. Wraps come in blue, green, pink, and black. Blue is currently the most popular option!

Magic touch

TouchGuides for the newest NovaChat 8 are thicker than previous versions because the device tablet now has a higher touch sensitivity. The denser TouchGuide offers oval openings in one size only due to the added thickness. Our goal for you? Button activation when you want it! Not sure what a TouchGuide is, or if you need one? Click here to learn more about accessories for the touch access method.

Less is more

Conveniently charge your NovaChat 8 with a single USB-C port for both device and amp. That’s one less cord and charger for you to track and store!

Tough as nails

Your NovaChat 8 is designed for active living just like you. Device durability is stronger than ever! The tempered-glass screen protector and wrap offer top-quality protection so you can keep on talking with AAC.

Small but mighty

That little button next to the power button takes you directly to Chat Software so you can access your voice without delay. Your AAC words are just a tap away!

Leading light

Customize your NovaChat 8 to highlight words in the speech-display bar as they are spoken. This will increase the connection between the written word and the spoken word. Visit the literacy section of the application settings menu to select this feature; visit the style section to choose your favorite highlight color.

Computer companion

NovaChat 8 devices with Android™ 4.4 or newer are compatible with the InputStick computer controls accessory! This new feature wirelessly connects your device to a computer so you can use your familiar WordPower® vocabulary as a keyboard. With the InputStick, you can create documents or explore your interests online. Watch the tutorial to see how it works!

High five

Experience PRC-Saltillo’s commitment to service and quality reflected in our High Five Device Warranty. That’s five years of coverage to keep you communicating with new NovaChat 8 models!

If you haven’t looked at NovaChat devices recently, you might enjoy learning about the following features:

The newest NovaChat 8 model is available as fundable medical equipment for a variety of complex communication needs (E2510). New to the insurance funding process? We’re here to help. Check out this article to learn more about the steps involved.

Connect with your local PRC-Saltillo consultant to learn more fun facts about NovaChat 8 and other device models. Their role is to help you select and optimize the right AAC solution for your unique needs.

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