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The training and implementation team at PRC-Saltillo is pleased to bring you relevant resources to help your students succeed with AAC in the classroom! We’ve recently updated our approach to our support materials for the dynamic News2you (n2y) and Unique Learning System (ULS) curriculum. The change to a descriptive teaching foundation will allow students using AAC to best learn and engage with their peers at school with core words – no matter the topic. Added bonus: they will be useful tools no matter your students’ chosen AAC vocabulary or device.

Brand-new AAC curriculum supports on the AAC Language Lab

Access our brand-new curriculum support materials on PRC-Saltillo's AAC Language Lab beginning in September. You’ll find the following free resources updated frequently:

  • one handout for each n2y article
  • one handout for each ULS unit (elementary only)
  • descriptive teaching resource
  • TAAP strategy handout

Each curriculum handout includes:

  • introduction of the subject and key vocabulary
  • an opportunity to read the article while you TAAP (Talk about it, Ask an open-ended question, Acknowledge via response, Propel the conversation)
  • time to talk about what you learned
  • discussion for comprehension

What is descriptive teaching?

Descriptive teaching can be a valuable strategy to help students learn new content in the classroom. It’s a way to teach academic vocabulary and concepts by defining them with core and other high frequency words. Then, rather asking questions that require a single word response with vocabulary you would have had to add to their device, you can ask your AAC learners open ended questions that enable them to talk about concepts and key words using vocabulary they already have.

Curious to learn more? Sign up for the three-part eLearning course, The Descriptive Teaching Method, on AAC Learning Journey. Taught by Gail van Tatenhove, PA, M.S., CCC-SLP, this course includes templates and lesson plans to help your students thrive with this approach. ASHA CEUs are available.

School’s in session! We hope you continue to thrive with your AAC vocabulary in the classroom and beyond. For more information, or if you have any questions, please reach out.

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