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An issue has been identified that is preventing Empower software from loading on Accent devices. Read more for detailed instructions for how to fix your device. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Take a few moments to update your Accent device with the newest 1.16 version of Empower to experience its latest features! This easy-to-use software is made even better with these helpful updates.

 Exciting New Empower 1.16 Features:

  • It’s even easier to calibrate NuPoint head tracking with a new centered cursor calibration setting. The new centered setting is perfect for users who maintain a stable alignment of the device in relation to their head position but may find it difficult to manually realign the cursor.
  • You can now add a button action that allows you to activate the centered calibration process directly from your vocabulary for easy access without navigating to the toolbox.
  • New Catch Me Activity added to Engage. Catch Me uses motion to capture user’s attention and sound and animation to offer a fun reward for their efforts. A wide range of image options and the ability to adjust the size and color of the object as well as the background color enable this activity to accommodate a variety of vision needs. With settings to customize activity duration, dwell time, and speed, Catch Me can be made easier for beginners or more challenging as skills improve.

 Noteworthy Improvements & Fixes

  • Updates to Minspeak® and PRC symbols give you more symbols to choose from.
  • Voices recategorized into Adult and Youth options, making it easier to find an age-appropriate voice.
  • Taylor, a female adult American English digital voice, has now been added to the Acapela suite of voices in the 1.16 update, giving augmentative communicators another high-quality voice option.
  • Miscellaneous updates and fixes to vocabulary and keyboard content.
  • Fixed a bug that rendered photos blurry on large buttons.

Get a Sneak Peek!

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