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An issue has been identified that is preventing Empower software from loading on Accent devices. Read more for detailed instructions for how to fix your device. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Keep your AAC solution in rock-star condition for the best in communication! Follow these tips to use your voice at your highest level.

Frequently clean your AAC device

Let’s be real. Devices get dirty. They go with you to messy spaces like art class, the ballpark, or just weeknight dinner. Give your device a little cleaning attention from time to time. To dust the touchscreen, use a soft, lint-free cloth. For heavier cleaning, use a slightly dampened, lint-free cloth and then dry the screen with another soft, lint-free cloth. Find more tips about cleaning and disinfecting your PRC-Saltillo device here.

Fun fact: Keyguards are dishwasher safe!

Keep your AAC device battery healthy

Your communication device was shipped with a medical-grade battery charger. Charge your device with that specific charger only. Try to recharge your battery before it drops to 0%. Did you know that charging your device when the battery level is at more than 10% can extend battery life up to four times? For maximum care, charge your device in an upright position at room temperature on a hard surface.

Pro tip: Shut down your device to get the fastest charge.

Take advantage of sleep mode and shut down to save battery life

Keeping your communication device with you and ready to use is encouraged for active engagement and spontaneous conversations. There may be strategic times to use sleep mode and shut down.

Set your device’s auto-sleep feature to five minutes or less. Put your device into sleep mode if there’s a time that you won't be using it such as bathing or pool time.

Avoid relying on sleep mode when your device can be fully shut down. Sleep mode consumes two percent of the battery per hour. Consider the best times to turn off your device such as when sleeping. A young child’s communication device could be shut down before putting it in a backpack to travel between home and school or other activities.

Do not overheat your AAC device

Like all technology and most people, it’s best to avoid high temperatures for extended activity, storage, or charging. Take breaks from the heat and avoid charging if your device feels hot. Move into the shade or air conditioning rather than a splash in the pool to cool off your device.

Pro tip: Have a lite-tech communication board available when you want to cool off and enjoy water activities.

Stay current with AAC software

Software updates often include new features and vocabulary to bring you the best of AAC. Your overall communication experience improves with these regular updates too. Connect to WiFi and follow the prompts in the settings menu and enjoy the high-performance benefits of the newest software. Find out what’s new and watch videos on the latest updates on the PRC-Saltillo blog. Check it out!

Pro tip: Show your battery some love and make those software updates with your device plugged in.

Protect your AAC device screen

Your device screen sets the stage for button activation no matter your access method. Protect your display screen from scratches, moisture, and food spills with a screen protector. Bonus: the screen protector also reduces glare and reflection! Visit the eStore to view your options.

Add a durable case to your device

Your communication device is built tough and durable so it can be an active part of your life at home or on the go. You may also choose to go to the next level of safety with an Xtreme™ Case for Accent® devices or an Active Wrap for NovaChat® and Via® devices.

Revisit your AAC access needs

People change. Needs change. Perhaps it’s the right time to make sure you are still positioned accessing your device with the most ease for your AAC access method. Connect with your AAC team to consider new adjustments to adequately access your device. You may decide to make some necessary tweaks such as readjusting your wheelchair, repositioning your device, using new vocabulary settings, and/or recalibrating eye gaze. If you’re a direct selector, you might consider trying a Keyguard or TouchGuide to increase your speed or accuracy. Your local consultant would be happy to discuss access questions so you can shine with AAC.

Pro tip: Looking for advice with your wheelchair mount? Contact

Reboot your glitches away

When in doubt, try rebooting—the ultimate answer for most technical glitches. If you’re still feeling stuck after a full reboot, our service team is ready to help support your AAC device needs by phone, live chat, or ticket request. Learn more and reach out.