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There isn’t one set way for an AAC communication partner to be a rock star. Each learner is unique and so is each AAC team member. Here are six ways to show off your rock-star attitude with AAC communication!

Make AAC fun

Rock stars are anything but boring! Use an interactive game to practice AAC such as bouncing a ball back and forth, dancing, wagon ride, slide, or swing. Or perhaps try a silly song to teach new words or phrases. There’s a song for every subject on YouTube™--letters, shapes, colors, animals, numbers, days of the week, etc. Choose an activity that you both enjoy. Notice your learner’s interest and change up the activity or repeat favorites. Looking for more activities? Visit Jane’s Place on the AAC Language Lab.

Celebrate AAC Communication wins

Big or small, celebrate them all! Whether a young communicator says a new word on their device, or a teenager starts initiating conversations, show your enthusiasm. Respond by modeling or verbalizing your affirmation. Perhaps end your learning session with a favorite tune...because AAC rocks!

Engage the whole AAC team

Musicians are surrounded with excellence. They have talented backup singers, instrumentalists, managers, road crew, sound technicians, and more. It takes each one doing their part to put on a successful performance. It’s the same with your AAC team. The contributions of each parent, teacher, paraprofessional, occupational therapist (OT), and speech language pathologist (SLP) make AAC rock! Explore AAC Coaching Corner options or check in with your consultant for ideas on working together.

Take it one motor plan at a time

AAC can feel overwhelming at times. There are so many words to teach and model. Just like a musician plays one note at a time, you can model one motor plan at a time knowing that you are building a communication symphony for your AAC learner. Choose some words with extra value to your learner to encourage engagement in a personal way. Looking for word inspiration? Check out the Let’s Teach Core resource on the AAC Language Lab.

Personalize AAC Communication

A rock star glows with a distinct style and sound. Follow this same approach with AAC. Choose a wrap color that fits your learner’s personality. Select a voice that feels like them. Customize vocabulary pages with your learner’s favorite foods, books, musicians, or television shows. Add names for family members, classmates, and AAC team members. AAC Learning Journey offers free courses like this one to help you customize your vocabulary. When possible, follow the lead of your rock-star learner for engagement wins.

Rest and refresh

The most talented musicians plan rest into their schedules. They’ve learned that creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum or when exhausted. Feeling burned out? Reach out to a friend for some fun and celebration. Use PRC-Saltillo’s online resources as helpful tools to refresh your knowledge and creativity. Or better yet, attend an in-person session. LAMP™ trainings are offered in many cities across the country. Have you heard that Minspeak® is touring again this year? And WordPower® too? Check AAC Learning Journey or ask your consultant to see if they’re coming to a city near you!

Have a little fun with AAC

Take our AAC rock star quiz to determine your communication partner level of awesomeness.

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