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We’re thrilled to have Minspeak® Academy in the PRC-Saltillo family! Let’s play a round of “did you know?” to learn who and what Minspeak Academy is, when we first came together, and what’s new today. Let’s get started! 

Did you know Minspeak Academy was formerly known as Semantic Compaction Systems?  

Bruce Baker started Semantic Compaction Systems in Pittsburgh more than 40 years ago after he created an icon-based language system from his knowledge of linguistics. Short for minimal effort speech, Minspeak systems are now used around the world:  

  • Unity® 
  • LAMP Words for Life® 
  • UNIDAD® (for Spanish speakers) 
  • CoreScanner® 
  • Quasselkiste (for German speakers) 

Learn more about the history of Minspeak. 

Did you know Minspeak Academy officially became part of PRC-Saltillo? 

PRC-Saltillo and Semantic Compaction Systems have collaborated for decades. When Bruce Baker and Barry Romich (PRC-Saltillo co-founder) met in the 1970s, Bruce was looking for “Minspeak to be embodied in a computer system that was worthy of it” and chose PRC-Saltillo because “he sensed their commitment to the highest possible achievement for the individual user.” The augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) community lost a devoted pioneer when Bruce passed away in 2020. His life’s work and this incredible partnership continues today as Minspeak Academy to ensure the longevity of one of the most trusted language representation systems in AAC. 

Did you know you can meet PRC-Saltillo’s Minspeak Ambassadors on the AAC Language Lab? 

Ambassadors like Chris Klein, Lance McClemore, and Kevin Williams are a few advanced Minspeak users. There are many in our amazing ambassador crew who choose Minspeak as their primary language on a speech-generating device or iOS app. Check out our ambassador profiles and send a message. 

Did you know the Minspeak Academy team is excited to help you and your communication partners succeed in AAC? 

Learning a new language can feel stressful. Our compassionate clinical team knows it’s possible for you to thrive!  

  • Minspeak systems can ease the physical and learning demands of using a communication device 
  • Minspeak Academy strives to provides the highest quality education and resources along the way 
  • Seminars, webinars, and master classes are taught by experts, including Tracy Kovach, Gail Van Tatenhove, and Deborah Laurent Witkowski, who you’ve come to know and trust 

Did you know Minspeak Academy classes can be accessed through AAC Learning Journey? 

AAC Learning Journey is your go-to resource for AAC implementation and strategies. Minspeak Academy courses focus on relevant topics including how to engage your communicator with the picture-based language system in everyday life and how to address the unique needs of your AAC communicator. New classes are added throughout the year.

This includes the popular Successful AAC Outcomes Seminars, formerly known as PALSS, or the Pittsburgh AAC & Language Seminar Series. Previously an in-person retreat offered in one city, the content is now accessible as online courses from any location. The outcomes seminars are for designed for professionals, parents, and anyone supporting an AAC communicator. The seminars are generally offered 2-3 times per calendar year with the next session coming up in October.

Peruse Minspeak instructor-led trainings and create your secure AAC Learning Journey account to register. 

Watch this classic video to see adults who have achieved independent communication with Minspeak. 

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